Autopro - Cleaning Solutions

Supply Irish made products to the Irish market.

AutoPro was born from humble beginnings in the forecourt service station industry across both the north and south of ireland. Manufacturing custom car washing systems to each client's needs, was Fogojet Carwash Systems.

See a need, fill a need.

It was found that suppliers of detergent products were inconsistent and over time was corroding the advanced cleaning systems. No supplier offered an alternative. Kieron Fogarty - CEO Fogojet Limited "we decided to research into and develop a series solutions that would work in harmony and support their carwash systems."

The ideal solution

After 2 years of product development, a series of detergent solutions were designed, that not only worked well in the Fogojet Systems but out performed against competitor brands, and an added bonus was that the detergents worked in all other wash systems.

Demand for better

Interest in the new products grew with the fact that they were economical, of high quality, bio degradable and Irish made.

With this demand, Fogojet invested in manufacturing, and extended supply to key market areas across ireland.

Speciality Markets

Agriculture has been one our success product areas, as we have an AgriPlant Product that was designed for the agricultural industry. Now we are consistently developing additional products to more bespoke areas, and are delighted to be able to launch "Trucker" to support all wash systems in the Haulage Logistics Industry.


"We are bringing out more surprising and exciting products shortly, stay tuned" quoted Kieron


In conjunction with the AutoPro Range, a selection of quality parts and accessories for high pressure wash systems are available. Powerwash and jetwash components for the valeting industry sector are also available.

This selection of accessories cover Professional Valeting, Germ Killers, Graffitti Removal, High Pressure and Low Pressure Jet Wash Parts, Hoses along with Applicators, Brushes and Handles.

Future markets

New markets will bring new challenges and opportunities, as the products have the potential to be very successful in both the UK and European markets. AutoPro are actively looking for reseller partnerships in these markets as the company transitions with the launch of the AutoPro Range to cater to the valeting professional sector.