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Super Snow Foamer - Lustrous Shine / Protection

A premium concentrate for a true professional valeting finish. Paint friendly, creating a long lasting deep protective shine on all paint work. Suitable for luxury, performance, family and leisure vehicles, including motorbikes, caravans and camper vans.

UltraMax provides a blend of surface cleaning compounds, high foaming enhancers and water softeners, with molecules which make enables a deeper more protective barrier and shine. When high foaming is required, use foam sprayers and air injection techniques.

  • Superior Paint friendly cleaner for high performance vehicles
  • Rapidly lifts ingrained dirt, grease, grime & traffic film
  • Forecourt Hot & Cold Foaming Action
  • Extreme concentrate 1:15
  • Silicone Free, ideal for safe paintshop areas
  • Hard water friendly / Streak free / Bio-degradable

AutoPro UltraMax - 20 Litres - Product Code : APUM20L

AutoPro UltraMax - 5 Litres x 4 - Product Code : APUM5L4

AutoPro UltraMax - 1 Litre x 12- Product Code : APUM1L12


Heavy Soil 1 : 4

Medium Soil 1 : 9

Light Soil 1 : 15

Dilute as required. For manual application apply via brush, cloth or sponge. Must always rinse off product before drying. Ensure detergent is periodically checked and ensure product does not dry on any surface. Always use appropriate protective clothing and measures with our products.


Must be stored above freezing +2 degrees

Ensure Product Never dries on any bodywork

Avoid direct UV Sunlight As Product Colour may vary