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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the regular questions asked regarding our products and services. If you have a particular question, give us a call or email us and we will do our best to assist you.

A crisp elegant finish for your dashboard.

Materials Required: At this stage of cleaning, you'll need a microfiber Applicator Pad and cloth along with a CockPit cleaner.

Step 1: Before you start cleaning, wipe down all the vinyl and plastic surfaces totally using a clean cloth to eliminate surface dirt and dust, this will extend the life span of your microfiber Applicator Pad.

Step 2: Spray some CockPit cleaner onto the microfiber Applicator Pad, and wipe the plastic and vinyl surface for any stains or spots. Wipe down the dashboard panels, door panels, steering wheel cover (center), glove box and central console. Do these until you get a streak-free shine on all plastic and vinyl surfaces.

Warning: Do not apply CockPit cleaner directly onto the steering wheel; it can cause the wheel to become slippery and uncomfortable for the drive.

Restore your leather seats to showroom condition.

With more and more cars entering the Irish market with leather seats as standard you it is important to make sure, to adequately clean all leather surfaces. Conditioning the leather every six months keeps them rejuvenated, moisturized and supple to prevent from cracks and tears.

Materials Required: You'll need a leather cleaner, leather conditioner and microfiber Applicator Pad and Cloth.

Step 1: Damp a clean cloth in some leather cleaner, and wipe all the leather seats (surfaces) thoroughly; then allow them to dry. Make sure you cover all the edges and crevices of the seats while wiping.

Step 2: Use your microfiber Applicator Pad, and apply a small amount of leather conditioner. In a circular motion, wipe down the complete seat, and allow it to absorb and dry completely. Sponge or dab the excess conditioner off from the seating surface leaving a streak-free shine.

Achieve a crystal clear window finish.

Window glass is always the last step. This will help you clean any dust, cleaners or conditioner that settles on the windows during the previous cleaning processes. And, for many, this may be the most satisfying part of the interior valet.

Materials Required: To maintain an effective window cleaning service, you'll need glass cleaner, microfiber Applicator Pad and cloth and an additional clean towel.

Step 1: From your applicator bottle spray a significant amount of glass cleaner onto your microfiber Applicator Pad, make sure you don't spray it directly on the window surface because this may leave spots on your already treated rubber and vinyl surfaces.

Step 2: Wipe the cloth over the window area in an up-and-down motion, and then in a side-to-side motion, ensure to also clean the window edges. Window edges can be cleaned by rolling down the window five to six inches, Follow the same process for all windows.

Step 3: If the window surface is still wet, use a separate dry microfiber Applicator Pad or cloth to dry the window. Ensure the window is completely dry, making sure no smearing occurs after performing the dryer process, Repeat the same process for all windows.